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The company that converts your physical stock into digital

We’re the only ones that can provide outstanding quality of your scans


You have to send the stock to our 90 m2 warehouse in Wroclaw


Once delivered we will count and unbox all the stock received


Your stock will be scanned in the highest quality available

Digital Delivery

The stock will be sent via email already cut in JPG/PDF ready to sell


Your stock will be destroyed with our professional shredder

You deal only with already scanned stock?

Zip your files with password protection and send to us via email, we will send them back to you cut individually in the best quality possible!

Our Experties

Skills that make us worth working with.

Scan Quality
Delivery Time
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Here We Are

Our Team

Get to know people that are a part of Scan Revolution world.

Denis Bonasera

Owner - English/Italian

Owner and the CEO of the company, with more than 9 years in the industry, Denis leads the team through somewhat challenging aspects of converting stock and digitizing.

Alessia Toro

Storage Assistant - English/Italian

Alessia is running all the aspects of the customer services, stock scanning and quality control. Primary area of focus is concentrated on Italian and English clients.

Ewa Pyszczek

Manager - English/Polish

Ewa takes care of the team coordination and workflow for our customers' shipments.

Juan Davila

Product Specialist - English/Spanish/Italian

Juan is taking care of deliveries: managing storage spaces, processing incoming deliveries and scanning codes.

Our history

Since 2016, Scan Revolution is the leader in software and video game digitization, with the highest quality and processing speed.

Passion, dedication and security are the characteristics that most accurately describe us. We help our customers to expand and improve their businesses without the need to make large and costly investments.

Our company is based in Wroclaw, Poland. 90 square meters warehouse can hold stock of more than 10 palettes, receiving and processing your stock will not be a problem for us.

Once we have received your shipment, the steps we always follow are:

  • Counting
  • Opening stock
  • Scanning
  • Digital delivery to the customer
  • Destruction of license codes in hard copy using professional shredder
  • Disposal of the remaining stock

The license codes will be send back via password protected email, ready to be sold to the final customer.

Have you already received digital stock but would like to sell your codes individually?

Do not worry, Scan Revolution also uses our software to offer cutting services, you just have to send us your files!

Did our services intrigue you? Contact us via contact form to receive a quotation and a presentation of our company.

Our Work

We process some awesome games

To understand our work better have a look on some orders we did in the past

Our Clients

We Value The Quality First


Frequently Asked Questions about Scan Revolution

What can you gain?

Expand and open a new digital side of your business, no need to worry about storage, more time for closing deals, you will be able to offer the best quality of scanned codes.

What should you do?

Send us stock directly from your supplier or from your warehouse, we'll take care of the rest.


Prices depend on the type of game you will be sending. We recommend getting in touch with us for a better quote.

What happens to your stock?

After previously decided time we will destroy codes with our machine following the DIN 66399 security level standard (P-4 / O-3 / T-4 / E3 / F-1) and the remaining boxes will be utilized by an Eco-Friendly Company.

What makes us better than competitors?

We provide fast execution, high quality and safe service.

How will I receive my codes?

You will receive the direct download of your codes password protected. Download website and password delivery method will be agreed privately.

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